Ministry of Culture - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The Ministry of Culture of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, on behalf of the Government is responsible for regulating matters in the sphere of culture which are in the public interest. This is done through many activities in the field of culture and art, through creating and implementing policies and programs, and providing services. This includes development and enhancement of the cultural cooperation and creation of projects that strengthen bilateral and regional cooperation, cooperation with European Union member states, as well as with the countries in Southeast and Central Europe. The Ministry of Culture, also, pays attention to the promotion of the diverse culture of different communities in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia with the aim of nurturing their respective cultural identity.

Huge attention is devoted to the development and promotion of the relations with relevant international organizations, such as UNESCO, the Council of Europe, International Francophone organization, etc. By participating in international projects and events in the field of culture and by supporting different programs and projects, which present the highest national cultural values, the Ministry of Culture contributes to promotion of cultural issues in the country and abroad.

In the context of the country’s aspirations for EU membership, the Ministry of Culture is strongly committed to harmonization of the national legislation with the EU legislation in the field of culture. The ministry is committed to updating the cultural strategy in accordance with the EU standards and to providing higher level of cultural heritage protection, as part of world’s cultural heritage.